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972 Managing Ent Emergencies Needing Transfer to Picu: the Extended Transport Team
  1. M Entwistle1,
  2. K Parkins2,
  3. R Barber3,
  4. S Santo1
  1. 1NWTS, CMFT
  2. 2NWTS, Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust, Warrington
  3. 3NWTS, CMFT, Manchester, UK


Background Paediatric ENT emergencies are rare but can be life-threatening and challenging to manage. In UK paediatric ENT services are centralised, and adult ENT surgeons and anaesthetist provide cover in local hospital (DGH). North West and North Wales Paediatric Transport Service (NWTS) UK is a specialist transport team.

Method Retrospective audit 12 months ENT transfers (NWTS database).

Results 74/932 (8%) referrals had ENT diagnosis.

Feedback from DGH teams highlighted that advice from NWTS team including conference calls with Paediatric ENT helped optimise management.

Conclusion NWTS conference calls with Paediatric ENT specialists and local team improve patient management. Paediatric ENT consultants are occasionally required with NWTS team, providing expert advice and practical help. This data will help develop new regional intubation guidelines including recognition and management of the difficult paediatric airway.

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