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968 Role of a Regional Retrieval Service in Providing Safe and Sustainable Cardiac Services for Children
  1. NK Puppala1,2,
  2. K Atanasov1,
  3. S Ali1,
  4. R Phatak1,3,
  5. K Parkins1
  1. 1Paediatric Intensive Care, North West and North UK Paediatric Transport Service, Warrington
  2. 2Paediatric Intensive Care, Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester
  3. 3Paediatric Intensive Care, AlderHey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust, Liverpool, UK


Background and Aim Safe and sustainable review of cardiac services for children in England has proposed options for reconfiguration of services. We reviewed the current management of cardiac emergencies at referring hospitals and the role of regional transport team. North West and North Wales Paediatric Transport service (NWTS) provides specialist retrieval service across the region. Patients are transferred to Alder Hey Children’s hospital (AHCH), a cardiac surgical centre and Royal Manchester Children’s hospital (RMCH) a cardiology centre. This review was undertaken to quantify current referral patterns and bed management.

Methods Retrospective review of NWTS retrieval of cardiac patients over the last 18 months.

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Median NWTS retrieval and stabilisation times were 238 and 118 minutes respectively. Only 4 neonates required an additional journey to a regional surgical centre. Total mortality (to discharge home) was 8/86 ~ 9.3%, 3 post-operative deaths and 5 offered palliative care (inoperable lesion/other anomalies).

Conclusion For children with congenital heart disease, a regional specialist paediatric retrieval team can optimise bed management, minimise out of region transfers and ensure that time-critical care is delivered locally, safely and effectively.

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