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947 Spreading and Treatment of Acute Middle Otitis in Children
  1. K Gotsadze1,
  2. N Adamia2,
  3. I Chkhaidze3,
  4. K Barabadze4,
  5. E Liluashvili3,
  6. L Pachuashvili5,
  7. N Nareklishvili6
  1. 1D. Tatishvili Medical Center
  2. 2Department of General Pediatrics
  3. 3Tbilisi State Medical University
  4. 4Ivane Javakhishvili State University
  5. 5M. Iashvili Pediatric Clinic
  6. 6M. Guramishvili Pediatric Clinic, Tbilisi, Georgia


Goal Development of optimal schemes against acute middle otitis in children through application of the mucoregulatory preparations in the complex antibiotic and basic therapy.

Materials and Methods Development of clinical course of acute middle otitis assessment criteria in children; Development of the optimal scheme against acute middle otitis according to disease severity in children; Treatment effectiveness evaluation for complicated acute middle otitis with mucoregulatory preparations in children; Evaluation of complex treatment effectiveness for complicated acute middle otitis in children. 936 patients from 3 months to 14 years were studied: 426 girls, 510 boys. For statistical processing SPSSv12 software was applied.

Obtained results Two groups of patients were studied: I: patients with complicated acute middle otitis (53–58.9%); II: patients with acute middle otitis without complications (40.1%); subjective criteria for eligibility: 1. disturbance, behavior changes (younger group), pain - 76%; hearing discomfort 8%; nasal signs 47%; fever - 28.2%. Otoscopic criteria: infiltration and hyperemia of tympanum 46.1%; concaved or arched tympanum 29.3%; changes of light reflex 24.6% (p<0.001). Before treatment average values of mentioned symptoms were equal in both groups (p=0.98) in case of acute middle year inflammation without complications mucoregulatory preparations (sinuforte) and sinupred were effective mono-therapeutic remedies. In case of complications mucoregulatory preparations are quite effective.

Conclusion Thus, effectiveness of monotherapy with the mucoregulatory preparations in case of acute middle otitis is similar to standard treatment and could be regarded as alternative remedy p= 0.01. As for treatment of complicated disease combined treatment significantly reduces treatment duration p<0.001.

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