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916 Clinical Paraclinical Characteristic of Measles in the Children in the Endemic Region
  1. OM Horlenko,
  2. MA Polyak
  1. Pediatrics with Infectious Diseases, Uzhgorod National University, Medical Faculty, Uzhgorod, Ukraine


Backgraund and aims In this article we showed features of duration Measles in children from endemic region.

Methods We investiganed 69 children with Measles in age from 3 to 15 months which used treatment in Uzhgorod Regional Clinical Infectious Hospital during 2012 years. All children were conducted by complex anamnestic and clinical paraclinical inspection.

Results 61 children (88.4%) had positive measles Ig M. Nobody of inspected in the past have’t Measles and had routine measles vaccination. The first sign of measles were a high fever (55 childs, 79.7%). A runny nose, a cough, red and watery eyes, and small white spots inside the cheeks developed in the initial stage. The first elements of rash appeared in patients were on face, which then spread on the neck, overhead part of breast, and on the second days were appeared on a trunk, pands, hands, on the third days-on legs. Rash in the prevalence cases was maculopapular, but in 19 childs, 27.5% was generaly slight; in 4 childs, 5.7% patients-slightly hemorragic. Duration of rash was amount 4.7 days. Local pneumonia was confirmed in 7 patients (10.1%), in 5 (7.2%) - bronchiolitis, 5 (7.2%) - had obstructive bronchitis. Biochemistry investigation of blood serum identificated decline of Albumens-2 (2.8%), Creatinine-22 (31.8%), Proteinum-23(33.3%), General Bilirubinum-2(2.8%), ALT-3(4.3%), AST-31(44.9%), Alkaline Phosphatase-12(17.3%).

Conclusions Routine measles vaccination for children, combined with mass immunization campaigns in countries with high case and death rates, are key public health strategies to reduce global measles complication.

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