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915 Furazolidone as an Antibiotic for Childhood Gastroenteritis and its Comparison with Who Guideline: Is it Used Still?
  1. F Fayyaz Jahani1,
  2. E Ahmadnezhad2,
  3. M Karramyyar1
  1. 1Urmia University of Medical Sciences, Urmia
  2. 2Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran


Background Furazolidon is an anti-parasitic and anti-bacterial drug that used specifically for Giardia as a second-line choice. Some complications was reported that in 10% of children complication occur with diarrhea-vomiting, in children with lack of G6PD, and in children less than 1 years old this drug is not prescribed and is forbidden. This study was conducted to compare of the prescriptions of Furazolidone for treatment of diarrhea in children with the prevalence of Giardiasis.

Methods This is a cross-sectional study was done in North-west of Iran. As first step, we obtained the prevalence of acute gastroenteritis in this area for 2009 then all of related prescription that had inclusion criteria were evaluated in 2010. Related prescriptions adjusted by Furazlidone using frequencies.

Results In the primary study we found out that the total usage of drags in first nine month of 2009 as below: 840425 Cotrimoxasole, 619044 Metronidazol, 174817 Furazolidone. There are total 1231 antibiotic syrup prescribed by physicians and pediatritions that 174 (14.1%) of them include the furazolidone. From this amount, 18.9% prescribed for children less than 1 years old, 23.6% prescribed for children 1–2 years old, 14.2% for 2–3 years old, 23.4% for 3–5 years old and 19.1% prescribed for children 5–7 years old. Conclusion: According to Giradia’ prevalence (3.5%) and Furazolidone prescribing (174) for acute diarrhea, we can conclude that 75% of usage is more than prevalence of it’s indication for acute diarrhea. Further studies and effective training programs are urgently needed to reverse current irrational treatment practices.

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