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898 Reducing Neonatal Infections in South and Southern Central Vietnam: The Opinion of Health Caregivers
  1. D Trevisanuto1,
  2. V Dal Cengio1,
  3. L Thi Ahn Thu2,
  4. G Arnolda3,
  5. T Dihn Chien3,
  6. D Kumara3,
  7. L Moccia3,
  8. N Mihn Xuan4
  1. 1Children and Women’s Health Department, Padua University School of Medicine, Padova, Italy
  2. 2Cho Ray Hospital, Hochiminh City, Vietnam
  3. 3East Meets West Foundation, Oakland, CA, USA
  4. 4Tu Du Hospital, Hochiminh City, Vietnam


Background Infection represents a consistent cause of neonatal mortality in high as well as low income countries. In this study, we assessed the opinion of healthcare providers on how to improve neonatal infection control and prevention in South and Southern Central Vietnam hospitals.

Methods Fifty-four participants to a workshop on infection control and prevention were asked to fill out an anonymous, written questionnaire regarding the priorities that could improve neonatal infection control and prevention in provincial hospitals in South and Southern Central Vietnam.

Results Hand washing, exclusive breastfeeding and safe disposal of medical waste were scored by participants as the highest priorities for preventing neonatal infections. Education through instructional posters and written guidelines, family contact, kangaroo-mother-care, limitation of invasive procedures and screening for maternal GBS infection received relatively low scores.

Conclusions The opinions of operators involved in neonatal health match international recommendations for infection prevention with regards to some, but not all, issues, suggesting the need for a better understanding of this phenomenon. Our results may contribute to better design interventions for infection prevention in settings with limited resources.

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