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892 Pediatricians Responsible for Early Detetction and Survelliance of Urinary Tract Infections from Infants to Preschool Children
  1. S Smugreska1,
  2. V Tasic2,
  3. D Georgievska3,
  4. S Spirovska3
  1. 1Paediatrics, PZU Dr. Svetlana Smugreska
  2. 2Nephrology, Clinic for Children’s Desease
  3. 3Pediatric Office Dracevo, Skopje, FYR Macedonia


Introduction Urinary tract infections (UTI) represent substantial pathology of children’s morbidity. The frequency is just behind respiratory tract infections. The symptoms may be very diverse and non-specific. Early diagnosis very important for preventing complications (especially renal scarring).

Objectives Pediatrician is the first one that has contact with child having UTI. According to the age, symptomatology is diverse and detection has to be well-timed in order to assure proper treatment. Materials and examinationsIn the study we evaluated 35 children aged 6 months to 6 years (from January 2009 till January 2012).There were 28 female and 7 male children divided in two groups: A) from 6 months till 3 years (20 children)with following symptoms: high temperature, diarrhea, vomiting and lack of appetite. B) from 3–6 years old (15 children) with following symptoms: dysuria, frequency, lumbar/abdominal pain and temperature. Basic laboratory tests and imaging studies were performed: complete blood count, urinalysis, CRP, urineculture, kidney and bladder ultrasound, Tc99mDMSA scan and cystography. According to the results of these studies the children were given appropriate management particularly those with risk for renal scarring.

Conclusion In 86% of the children with UTI Esherichia Coli (flagelarris) was found, Proteus mirabilis in 6%, Enteroccocus in 5% and Staphilococcus 3%. If the first UTI episode is appropriately managed, children at risk may be selected (high grade VUR) and long term treatment strategy created in order to prevent permanent kidney damage.

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