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878 The Prevalence of Human Bocavirus and Adenovirus in Hospitalized Childeren in Shiraz-Iran
  1. A Emami,
  2. A Moattari,
  3. N Pirbonyeh
  1. Bacteriology & Virology, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran


Background Acute respiratory infection is common cause of morbidity and mortality especially during childhood. The most important viral respiratory infection, such as: Influenza viruses, Adeno virus, Respiratory syncytial virus and Bocaviruses are the most common infections in upper and lower respiratory tract diseases. Different studies show Adenoviruses and HBoV are the most important potential respiratory pathogen after influenza virus with the same manifestations. HBoV in the parvovirus family first was detected in 2005 by molecular methods.

Aim In this study we tried to evaluate the prevalence of HAdV and HBoV in patients with respiratory tract infection.

Materials and Methods In this cross sectional study for two years (2009–2010), 150 nasopharyngeal swabs collected from youth age (≤15) with acute upper respiratory tract syndromes referring to the Shiraz University of Medical Hospitals. Adenoviruses were detected by nested-PCR and bocavirus was detected by usual conventional PCR with specific primers.

Results Among the 150 taken samples, 40 samples (27%) was positive for adenovirus and in 1 sample (0.66%) HBoV was amplified which was co-infected with adenovirus.

Conclusion The result of this study showed that Adenoviruses have more prevalence in south of Iran compare to influenza viruses during this two years, but Bocavirus has no more prevalence in this region between this groups of patients. Up to the result of this study it has been recommended for optimizing the treatment of this group of patients, other viral respiratory infections must be evaluated.

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