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873 ’Brain Abscess in Infants and Children: A Retrospective Study of 52 Patients in Pediatric’s Hospital of Casablanca, Morocco
  1. Z Jouhadi,
  2. M Lahlimi,
  3. A Rachid,
  4. J Najib
  1. Pediatrie, CHU Casablanca, Casablanca, Morocco


Brain abscess is a serious disease of the central nerve system, it’s a rare pathology in children; to review the clinical manifestation, and predisposing factors, causative organism and outcomes of brain abscess we conducted a descriptive retrospective study in children’s hospital of Casablanca in unit of infectious diseases.

Fifty two infants and children with brain abscess admitted between 1998 a 2011 are retrospectively analyzed.

The mean age was 5, 6 years, 38% were aged less than 2 years. the male-to-female ratio was 0, 92. The most common predisposing factor was meningitis (29%); ORL causes (27%); otitis (17%) and congenital heart disease (11, 5%); the most common organisms are staphylococcus aureus; streptococcus intermedius and proteus mirabilis.

Clinical manifestation were dominated by fever (79%); cranial hypertension (57%); seizures (36%) and motor deficiency in 35%, sequellae were constated in 36%; mortality in 4%.

Brain abscesses result in significant morbidity and high fatality. Because brain abscesses can have subtle initial presentations, a high level of suspicion is very important for early diagnosis in pediatric patients, particularly those with underlying condition such as congenital heart disease.

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