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88 Use of Statins in Children
  1. EE Moreno Medinilla,
  2. L Ferreras Antolín,
  3. F Girón Fernández-Creueht,
  4. J Blasco Alonso,
  5. J Serrano Nieto,
  6. V Navas López,
  7. A Jurado Ortíz,
  8. C Sierra Salinas
  1. Hospital Marterno Infantil Carlos Haya, Málaga, Spain


Introduction Referring to the use of statins for hyperlipemia in children, it is not yet clearly defined who must be treated (recent recommendations focused on older than 8 years) and also the frequency of short and long-term toxicity.

Methods Retrospective, descriptive study of patients, 10 year-old or younger, under statin treatment, followed in our Unit. Epidemiology, treatment and side-effects data were analized.

Results Twelve children met inclusion criteria; 7/12 female and 11/12 caucasian. Main diagnosis was familiar hypercholesterolemia (10/12); 1/12 hypertriglyceridemia and 1/12 nefrotic syndrome. Positive family history of cardiovascular events: 5/12 (no death among first degree relatives). Mean age at diagnosis was 5.3 years. All of them were asymptomatic. 8/12 had been treated previously (7/12 resins, 1/12 cholesterol absorption inhibitor). Statin treatment starting age was 8.6 years, 4/12 younger than 8 year-old (minimum age: 5.2 years). Atorvastatin used in 10/12, lovastatin 1/12, simvastatin 1/12; initial dose was always 10 mg/day. The average levels before treatment were: LDL 235 mg/dL, total cholesterol 324.7 mg/dL. In one 10 year-old patient (40 mg/day lovastatin) muscular pain was reported with a CPK increase; side-effects stopped once the statin dose was reduced to 20mg/day. Besides, no adverse effect was reported. The highest dose achieved was 40 mg/day. Patients follow-up varies from 9 months to 4 years.


  • It remains unclear whether statins could be started before 8 year-old. From our experience, no adverse effects were found in that group.

  • Dose had to be increased to 20–40 mg/day in order to achieve objectives.

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