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839 View of Pregnant Women About Pandemic Influenza Vaccine Prior to Pandemia
  1. A Ozkaya-Parlakay1,
  2. Ö Kara2,
  3. A Kara1,
  4. O Ozyuncu2
  1. 1Pediatric Infectious Diseases
  2. 2Ubstetrics and Gynecolıgy, Hacetepe University, Faculty of Medicine, Ankara, Turkey


Afterwards pregnant women were detected to have serious complications with pandemic A (H1N1) virus in 2009, priority of their vaccination was accepted. Thus our study was planned to estimate the view of pregnant women about pandemic influenza vaccine to prevent disease admitting to a reference hospital having patients all over the country, Hacettepe University Medical Faculty Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, Obstetrics Unit, in October 2009, just before pandemic influenza vaccine is implemented clinically to evaluate the perception of vaccine. Our study was conducted as applying questionaire to 86 pregnant women admitting to Hacettepe University Medical Faculty Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, Obstetrics Unit. Age, trimestr and gravida of pregnancy, seasonal influenza vaccine status, whether she finds pandemic influenza vaccine necessary was noted after questionnaire. Pregnant women contributing to our questionaire were between 18–39 years of age, 13 of them were in first trimestr, 31 were in second trimestr, 42 were in third trimestr. Out of 86 pregnant women 66 expresses that they did not find it necessary to have pandemic influenza vaccine. In our study it was found that pregnant women find pandemic influenza vaccine necessary with a percentage of 23.3% and although the study population is small, finding it necessary was not effected by mother’s age, trimestr of pregnancy, gravida of pregnancy. The only factor demonstrated to effect the acceptance of pandemic influenza vaccine was having seasonal influenza vaccine. It is very important to inform this group having the major risk, to remind and advise the vaccine in routine controls.

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