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812 Cardiopulmonary Arrest in Pediatric Emergency Care and Intensive Care: A Multicenter Study in Turkey
  1. T Kendirli1,
  2. N Erkek2,
  3. T Köroğlu3,
  4. B Bayrakçı4,
  5. A güzel5,
  6. A Çıtak6,
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  13. G Kalkan13,
  14. D Yıldızdaş14,
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  22. Ç Ödek17,
  23. C Ateş20,
  24. HL Yılmaz21,
  25. E İnce17,
  26. M Karaböcüoğlu7
  1. 1Pediatric ICU, Ankara University
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  21. 21Pediatric Emergency Care, Çukurova University Faculty of Medicine, Adana, Turkey


Background and Aim The most cause of cardiopulmonary arrest (CPA) is respiratory system disorders. Usually the surive from CPA is 30% in hospital and under 10% in out of hospital. The aim of this study, the cause of CPA, applications and results of CPA in pediatric ICU and emergency care in Turkey.

Methods This study conducted between January 15 and July 15, 2011, multicenter, prospective, observational from Turkey.

Results We enrolled 239 children whose CPA developed. Fifty-four percent of all patients were boy and their mean age were 42.4±58.1 months. The causes of CPA were respiratory failure in 49.8%, sepsis in 301.%, cardiac disease in 21.3% and rhythm disorders in 8.8%. The place of CPA occurred were PICU in 68.6%, services in 18%, out of hospital in 10% and emergency care in 3.3% of patients whose CPA developed. Adrenalin was performed in 221, defibrillation in 16 and automatic external defibrillation in patients. Mean resuscitation time was 30.7±23.6 minutes. Return percent after first resuscitaiton application was 44.8%. We check to mortality rate after first resuscitation 43.3% in PICU, 41.9% in services, 50% in Emergency Care, 41.7% at out of hospital (p=0.539). The 83% of them were unconsciousness, renal replacement therapy was applicated in 16 patients. After first resuscitation, 54.2 patient survived and neurologic sequele was in 32% of them.

Conclusion Mortality and morbidity are higher either hosptial and out of hospital CPA, therefore prevention to CPA and well resuscitation applications are very important.

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