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798 Elevated Values of Serum Transaminases in Children-One Year Epidemiology and Etiology Study
  1. D Pacurar,
  2. I Simion,
  3. R Nicolaescu
  1. ‘Grigore Alexandrescu’ Children’s Hospital, Bucharest, Romania


Aminotransferases are used worldwide for the screening of liver and muscular diseases.

Purpose To indicate the prevalence of elevated serum aminotransferases at the time of child’s admission, the epidemiologic aspects of these abnormal values.

Materials and Methods We performed an observational, retrospective study (January–December 2008) in which we studied demographic data (age, sex distrbution), biological findings, correlation between age and level of enzymes or etiology. The analysis was performed usig Microsoft Excel 2007 and SPSS Statistics 17.0.

Results We studied 925 children aged 1month-18 years (8% of 11797 admission in a pediatric hospital) with abnormal serum aminotransferases. The highest frequency was noticed in male (54.4%, p<0,008). In the majority of cases hepatocytolysis was minor. Corelating the aminotransferases values with age we discovered that lower values are more prevalent with smaller ages, while higher values were encountered in children above 14 years. As etiology the majority of cases is represented by cytolysis with no obvious cause (87%) and, out of this population, by non-specific infectious diseases.

Conclusions Elevated serum aminotransferases are frequently encountered in hospitalized children. The lower values prevail in the context of non-specific infectious diseases. Small children are more susceptible to hepato-muscular injury by non-specific infectious diseases. Therefore we highlight the necessity for further prospective studies in order to investigate if incidentally discovered abnormal serum aminotransferaseses children.

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