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778 Hemodynamic Supply of the Affected of Nephroblastoma Kidney
  1. I Begun1,2
  1. 1Belarusian Research Center for Pediatric Oncology, Hematology and Immunology
  2. 2Belarusian Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education, Minsk, Belarus


Purpose To study of the hemodynamic supply for the affected of nephroblastoma kidney and compare it with the contralateral kidney.

Patients and methods: We analyzed the data obtained by Doppler studies of blood flow in the main renal arteries in 23 children aged 2.5(1.3–3.0) years of both sexes with a solid tumor of mostly in the upper pole one of his kidneys. Volume of the tumor in each case was less than 600 cm³. All of them had a diagnosis of monolateral nephroblastoma.

Results It is established that the nephroblastoma increases blood flow to the main artery of the affected kidney compared with the contralateral (p=0,00003). According to our data the volume of the affected organ with nephroblastoma correlated with blood flow in his main artery (r=0.45; p<0.05). Such dependence can reflect the pathological circulation of the affected kidney. It also reflects the need to change the absolute amount of blood flow in tumor growth. At the same time in a healthy kidney specific blood flow much higher than that of the affected (p=0,00001). Indices of relative blood flow affected and contralateral kidneys were 1.32 (1.04–2.13) ml/cm³/min and 5.46 (3.73–6.78) ml/cm³/min, respectively.

Conclusions Thus, the hemodynamic characteristics the affected of nephroblastoma kidney were studied. Specific blood flow of affected organ with a continuous functional activity is significantly less with respect to the contralateral (not affected). These data may prove useful in the development of differential diagnostic criteria for distinguishing nephroblastoma and adrenal neuroblastoma at the stage of diagnosis.

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