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768 Evaluation of Serum Transferrin Receptor in Patients Affected by Iron-Deficiency Anemia and Comparison with Control Group
  1. S Shams1,
  2. SO Mohammadian2,
  3. M Monajemzadeh1,
  4. H Irani2,
  5. L Shafaghat2,
  6. MT Haghi Ashtiani1
  1. 1Pathology Department
  2. 2Center of Excellence for Pediatrics, Children’s Medical Center, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran


Background and Aims Iron deficiency anemia is one of the most common nutritional deficiencies and public health around the world. The growing Children are one of groups that are at high risk for this problem. Iron deficiency anemia can cause mental, motor or behavior problems. So early diagnosis and treatment can prevent great side effects. One of the diagnosis means is measuring of soluble tranferrin receptor level (sTfR) in serum because level of this receptor increase in result of iron depletion in iron deficiency but has no change in other.

Methods and materials: This was a case control study included 64 children with iron deficiency anemia (IDA) and healthy subjects.The study conducted, in 2008–2010 in Children Medical Center. Blood samples collected from every patient in case and control groups and Hb, MCV, Fe, Ferritin, TIBC and sTfR measured and compared in the groups.

Results Compared to the control group, serum sTfR mean level was significantly higher in children with IDA than control group (1.87 vs. 1.06 µg/ml, P value = 0.002). sTfR showed negative correlations with Hb(r= –0.629, p<0.001), MCV (r= –0.649, p<0.001) and serum Ferritin (r= –0.224, p=0.053), although it was not significant for Ferritin. There was no significant differences between cases and controls in sTfR mean level with regard to gender and age categories. (P>0.05).

Conclusions This study shows sTfR level can be an appropriate biomarker for diagnosis of IDA, particularly in patient with IDA coexisting with inflammation.

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