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77 Comparision of Two Different Distraction Methods on Pain Relief of Children During Blood Draw
  1. N Canbulat1,
  2. S I˙nal2,
  3. H Sönmezer1
  1. 1Karamanoglu Mehmetbey University School of Health, Karaman
  2. 2Istanbul University Health Science Faculty, Istanbul, Turkey


Background and aims The procedures made by a needle are the most prevalent and important sources of pain for children. Then, this study aims to compare the effects of distraction by way of looking through distraction cards/Flippits® and kaleidoscope to reduce procedural pain during blood draw in children between the ages of 7–11. Our secondary aim is to evaluate venipuncture success during the procedure.

Methods This is a prospective randomized clinical trial. The study was conducted at the phlebotomy station of Karaman Maternity and Children Hospital, Karaman Turkey. Inclusion criteria were 7–11 year-old patients who required blood tests. The data was obtained by interviewing the children, their parents and the observer. Procedural pain levels of children was assessed by parent and observer reports using Visual Analog Scale (VAS) and Wong Baker pain scale. Data that were analyzed with SPSS 15.00. p<0.05 was considered as significant. Parametric data such as pain level of children were compared with the t test. Non-parametric data such as gender and success of blood drawing procedure were compared with percentage of frequency and x2 comparisons.

Results Both groups have significantly lower pain levels than the control group (p<0.05).

Conclusion The result of the study suggests that the both distraction methods effectively decreased pain and anxiety levels of children compared to control group according to self-reports, parent’ and observer’ reports.

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