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711 Comparison Between Overweight/Obese (OW/OB) Patients: Coeliac vs Non Coeliac Ones
  1. R Mercurio,
  2. D Guttadoro,
  3. M Podagrosi,
  4. A Grimaldi,
  5. M Barbato,
  6. AM Caiazzo,
  7. L Petrarca,
  8. A Vania
  1. Dept of Paediatrics and Paediatric Neuro-Psychiatry, ‘Sapienza’ University of Rome, Rome, Italy


Background and Aims In literature there are case reports of coeliac disease (CD) diagnosed in OW/OB children and studies assessing the body weight excess (EBW) at CD diagnosis. Besides, an incorrect gluten-free-diet (GFD) often leads to EBW. Aim of this study is to assess the effect of a balanced diet in coeliac patients (CP) with EBW compared to matched non-coeliac patients (NCP) with EBW.

Methods and results: In 2006–2010, we selected 8 (4M, 4F, age=11.35±3.79) out of 29 CP we follow; they all had EBW (z-BMI=1.93±0.69) and were compliant to the GFD. Follow-up lasted 11.62±1.68 months, with a z-BMI reduction in all cases (z-BMI=1.45±1.01). Among the matched 8 NCP (4M, 4F, age=10.52±3.60; start-up’s z-BMI=2.07±0.59;), followed-up for the same period of time, 7 reduced their z-BMI (1.57±0.67), while in 1 it worsened.

Conclusions Despite the limited number of patients, our study underlines the importance of a strict supervision in CP with EBW to improve their nutritional status. We also noticed that the coherent adhesion to a balanced GFD and the consequent effect on z-BMI are better than those among NCP, probably because in CP the nutritional prescriptions are perceived as indispensable for the therapy of CD.

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