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709 Spreading of Nourishment Disorders in Schoolchildren Population
  1. T Zerekidze1,
  2. N Adamia2,
  3. M Surviladze3,
  4. I Chkhaidze1,
  5. N Katamadze2,
  6. M Kartozia3,
  7. D Khachapuridze4,
  8. V Kherkheulidze3,
  9. M Gugunishvili1
  1. 1Tbilisi State Medical University
  2. 2Department of General Pediatrics, Tbilisi State Medical University
  3. 3M. Iashvili Pediatric Clinic, Tbilisi
  4. 4Kutaisi Pedagogical University, Kutaisi, Georgia


Goal Study of nourishment disorders’ spreading and evaluation of the impact of risk factors in schoolchildren population.

Materials and Methods Study included 3012 children of 6–15 age: 1654 girls and 1358 boys. By means of the questionnaire we studied prevalence of nourishment disorders among schoolchildren population; evaluated peculiarities of clinical course and mathematically evaluated frequency and combinations of risk-factors. Statistical processing was provided by SPSS/v.12 software.

Research results Study was conducted by stages. In 47.2% of cases set of gastroezophagical symptoms was identified. Parents of 41% of the questioned children had gastrointestinal pathologies. Together with routine studies, pH-metry, measurement of amylase and lipase levels in blood and urine was conducted.

Studies showed various organic pathologies in 57% of children, among them: gastric and duodenal ulcer in 9% of cases, pancreatitis, reflex-esophagitis, associated with ulcer in 19% of cases, diaphragm hernia in 8%.

In 48% of cases organic pathologies, recurrent diseases, congenital disorders were excluded. Mentioned population had the diagnosis of functional dyspepsia, with the further relevant treatment scheme and diet.

Conclusion Data of our epidemiological studies do not significantly differ from the data of various countries and in our case the contributing factor is Georgian cuisine.

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