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702 The Role of Rotavirus in Acute Gastroenteritis a Study in the Islamic Hospital/Amman/Jordan
  1. AA Almatti
  1. Pediatrics, Islamic Hospital, Amman, Jordan



  1. To study the microbial pattern of AGE in Jordan.

  2. To emphasize the importance of Rota virus in the etiology of AGE.

Methods All cases of AGE admitted to our pediatric department/Islamic hospital in 2008 were retrospectively reviewed for the results of stool tests, age, sex, duration of stay in hospital and the main symptoms.

Results A total of 1378 cases of AGE were admitted in 2008.

Confirmed diagnoses by stool testing in 570 cases (42%)

Stool tests were negative in 784 cases (58%)

Rotavirus cases = 485 (35%)

Adenovirus cases = 42 (5%)

Entameba histolytica cases = 35 (1.5%)

Bacterial (shigella sp., salmonella sp.) cases = 8 (0.5%)

Rotavirus was found in 85% of all stool +ve cases.

M/F = 1.15:1

Age: < 1year = 52%, 1–5years = 39%, > 5years = 9%

Mean hospital stay = 2.5 days.

Presentations: fever (70%), vomiting (85%), diarrhea (96%)


Conclusion AGE is a major cause of hospital admissions in Jordan.

Rotavirus is the main cause of AGE accounting for about 35% of all causative agents.

About 90% of all cases of Rotavirus AGE occur in children under 5 years of age and

More than 50% of cases occur in infants.

Vaccination against rotavirus is now the best preventive measure.

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