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656 Enhancement of Linear Growth and Weight Velocity by Cyproheptadine in Children with Idiopathic Growth Hormone Deficiency Receiving this Hormone
  1. KS Najib,
  2. Z Karamizadeh
  1. Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran


Background The current study examined the hypothesis that Cyproheptadine can enhance linear growth and increase weight velocity in children with idiopathic GH deficiency.

Method 10 children with idiopathic GH deficiency received Cyproheptadine 0.3mg/kg three times per week plus GH0.6U/kg/day for six days a week for1-year period, alternatively (GH plus Cyproheptadine for first and third trimesters, and GH plus placebo for second and fourth trimesters). Weight velocity and linear growth were assessed at baselineand at end of every trimester.

Result The repeated measure ANOVA test showed significant differences in weight velocity across the study trimesters so that the increase in weight velocity within first and third trimesters were significantly higher than other time intervals (ΔWV: first trimester 1.51±0.61kg; second trimester 1.13±0.46 kg; third trimester 1.87±0.65kg; and fourth trimester 0.74±0.34 kg, p=0.026). Similar trend was also observed regarding changes in linear growth that the increase in children height was significantly higher in first and third trimesters compared with other trimesters (ΔLG: first trimester 2.40±0.39cm; second trimester 1.65±0.41cm; third trimester 2.00±0.88kg; and fourth trimester 1.30±0.48 kg, p=0.029). The standard deviation of linear growth was gradually decreased during the study trimesters (4.75, 4.50, 4.25, and 3.88cm, respectively, however the changes in this parameter was not different between the two drug regimens.

Conclusion Our study showed improved linear growth and weight velocity following administration of Cyproheptadine in children given GH because of their GH deficiency.

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