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655 Gender Peculiarities of the Course of Graves-Basedow Disease in Children
  1. K Konchyts,
  2. A Solntsava,
  3. O Zagrebaeva
  1. Paediatrics, Belarussian State Medical University, Minsk, Belarus


Aim To determine gender peculiarities of the course of Graves-Basedow disease (GBD) in children depending on the sex and stage of puberty.

Methods We analyzed retrospectively 28 children with GBD in the endocrinological department of University hospital over the 2011 year (boys(B)/girls(G) 3/25, mean±SD age 13.15±3.03 yrs). We conducted additional division on the subgroups of early (Tanner 2–3) and late (Tanner 4–5) puberty.

Results 67.8% children had complains (B losing weight (66.7%); G weakness (32%), heartbeat (24%). Family history wasn’t burdened in 33.3% B and 64% G. Relatives with diabetes mellitus type 1 was in 7.1% G; thyroid diseases - 33.3% B and 28% G; other endocrinopathies 33.3% B, 12% G. There was a tendency of more early manifestation GBD in G 12.94±3.07 yrs (B 14.86±2.42 yrs) (ð>0.05). The onset of GBD was mainly in late puberty regardless of gender. There was lower TSH 0,085±0.13 (0.23–3.4µIU/l) and higher free T4 62.13±34.34 (10–23.2pmol/l) levels in B (G 0.12±0.2 and 46.86±28.89 respectively, ð>0.05). After 6 months treatment free T4 levels were lower (8.5±5.48) in those patients (33.3%), which undergo higher dosage of thyrostatics and later levothyroxin treatment compared to levothyroxin treatment after 4 months after first appeal (16.6±2.92 ð< 0.05). After 1 year treatment with thyrostatics in comparable dosages stable clinical-laboratory euthyrosis were reached in all children.

Conclusions GBD more often manifested in late puberty regardless of gender. More pronounced features of laboratory thyrotoxicosis in boys can say about late diagnostic. Normalization of free T4 was after 6 months treatment in 66.7% children.

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