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631 Influence of Anthropometrical and Mental Statuses on Occurrence of Behaviour Diseases among Children of School Age
  1. K Lepiatsila
  1. Belarussian State Medical University, Minsk, Belarus


To estimate influence of the anthropometrical status and personal features on occurrence of psychosomatic frustration, in particular, eating disorder, among children of school age.

We studied 57 children (age 15±1.3 years). They were interviewed with Toronto Alexithimia Scale (TAS), scale of Rotter, standardized questionnaire “Aim-Means-Result” (AMR), scale of Rean and divided into 3 groups on the basis of body mass index (BMI). 1) A (BMI< 19 kg/m2, 2) B(19 kg/m2< BMI< 24kg/m2), 3)C (BMI>24kg/m2).

Results Based on the TAS 41% of boys showed higher than normal rates of alexithymia (A –40%,B –60%,C –100%). Among girls (75%,50%,43% respectively). AMR: 87%b and 82%g can't substantiate their goals. 50% of children had psychological barriers. Low-energy potential was recorded in Groups A and C (17% and 25%). 66% girls and 88% boys of all groups indicated optimal results. Scale of Rotter. Boys of Group C were dominated by external locus of control. Girls of such group were dominated by internal locus of control of life. Motivational pole is not strongly marked in 61% of girls.

The analysis of TAS showed an increasing trend of alexithymia among boys (from 59% to 100%) and lower among girls (from 75% to 43%) with an increase in BMI. Boys with a BMI> 24 kg/m2 prevailed external locus of control, the girls - internal locus of control. In analyzing the results of the questionnaire of Rean boys tended to reduce the motivation to succeed and grow with the increase of negative motivation with increasing BMI (success from 70% to 25%).

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