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629 Calcinosis Cutis of Lower Extremities
  1. VN Stavileci1,
  2. F Kurshumliu2,
  3. H Terziqi3,
  4. M Begolli1
  1. 1Pediatric Clinic
  2. 2Pathology Institute
  3. 3Plastic Surgery, University Clinical Centre of Kosova, Prishtina, Albania


We present a 16 months old albanian female with firm nodules along her lower extremities, two months ago from now. No history of trauma or recent infections. Life history has no remarkable data, no medicaments has been used during pregnancy. Antirachitic prophylaxis just three months, 400 UI/day. First steps, by age of 14 months. Family history unremarkable. No consanguinity. Physical examination: weight and stature on 50 centile. Hypertrichosis on the upper parts of the body and forehead. No other skin changes. All along the lower extremities are some hard, no sensitive nodules, different sizes and symmetrical spread all over the legs more expressed along crural region. Feels like cobbled when touched. Muscles are slight atrophic. Joints have normal range of motion with no walking difficulty. Other systems examination was unremarkable. Thyroid hormones, parathyroid hormone, Phosphor, Ca total and ionized, Total Proteins, Albumins, Lipidogram, Rheumatoid factors, ANA, CPK in the normal range. Other biochemical and microbiological parameters were normal. Abdominal ultrasound unremarkable. Heart ultrasound: unremarkable. Neurological examination, muscle strength and reflexes are normal. EMG: no miopathic changes. ENG: normal. Rtg of lower extremities found calcifications of soft tissues. Bones with no destruction or osteolises. Biopsy: on subcutan adipose tissue are found multiple and confluent foci of calcification called Calcinosis. She is without treatment to now and exacerbation of changes has been detected.

Conclusion Since there were no systemic metabolic disorders, tissue injury, or other founded reason, and the diagnose of Calcinosis cutis idiopathica was made.

Acknowledgements to nurses of nephrology department.

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