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623 Gastroschisis Transfers Conducted by the West Midlands Neonatal Transfer Service
  1. A Shenvi1,
  2. J Harrison2,
  3. A Philpott1,2,
  4. A Dhillon1,2,
  5. SV Rasiah1
  1. 1Department of Neonatal Medicine
  2. 2West Midlands Neonatal Transfer Service, Birmingham Women’s Hospital, Birmingham, UK


Background and Aims Gastroschisis has an incidence of approx. 3 per 10,0001 with an increasing trend in the UK.2 Gastroschisis requires immediate postnatal surgical care. Within the West Midlands, newborns with gastroschisis are resuscitated and transferred by WMNTS to a surgical centre. Network guidelines suggest completion of transfers within 4 hours of birth.

Methods Retrospective review of gastroschisis transfers conducted by the WMNTS from Jan 2008 to Dec 2011.

Abstract 623 Table 1

Conclusions 88 transfers for gastroschisis were conducted over the period. 91% babies were kept within region and transferred within an average time of 80 min in keeping with the network guideline. There have been no patient related clinical incidents.


  1. Surgical Clinics of North America - Volume 86, Issue 2 (April 2006).

  2. Kilby MD BMJ 2006; 332:250 doi: 10.1136/bmj.332.7536.250.

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