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592 Respiratory Disbioses in the Children with First Diagnosed Tuberculosis
  1. OM Horlenko,
  2. LY Markovtsiy
  1. Pediatrics and Infectious Diseases, Uzhgorod National University, Medical Faculty, Uzhgorod, Ukraine


Background and Aims Second disbioses of the respiratory play the presentative role and had negatively influence on the result of duration of infectious diseases and assists development of immune disbalance of mucous membranes of respiratory tract.

Methods We investigated 24 children with the Frst Dagnosed Pulmonary Tuberculosis (FDPT) in the age from 1–16 years. Research of microflora of respiratory tracts was conducted by a bacteriologic examination of native material (expectoration).

Results The inspected contingent had Pulmonary form of the first diagnosed tuberculosis. The patients concluded: childs to 3 years - 50.00%. other 50.00% children contained the group of pubertat period. Distributing on the forms of tubercular process: primary tubercular complex - 25.00%, pulmonary focus tuberculose 12.50%, disseminated tuberculosis - 25.00%, infiltrative tuberculosis - 37.50%. 58.30% children had assotiatin pathology with the FDPT: anaemia in 25.00% cases, pneumonia - 8.30%, HIV - 8.30%. In microbiological culture was confirmed presence of M. tuberculosis in 33.30% cases. The destructive chang in lung 16.70% cases was identificated. N.sicca was presented in 40.00% children with the normal microflora and S.epidermidis - in 60.00%. In 50.00% cases of children with the FDPT disbioses violations was identificated after the beginning of using of antiphthisic treatment. Disbioses as a monoculture found in 83.3% cases, in 16.70% cases - as associations of cultures. In 33.30% cases found out Escherichia coli, in the 16.70% - K.pneumonia, in the 50.00% cases - Candida A.

Conclusions On the basis of the conducted researches are set presence of respiratory dysbiosis in children with the FDPT.

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