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584 Catheter Associated Blood Stream Infection in Pediatric Intensive Care
  1. E I˙nce1,
  2. T KendirliI˙2,
  3. A Yaman3,
  4. Ç Ödek3,
  5. A Karbuz4,
  6. B Aldemir5,
  7. H Özdemir4,
  8. E Çiftçi1,
  9. H Güriz6,
  10. D Aysev6
  1. 1Pediatric Infectious Disease
  2. 2Pediatric ICU, Ankara University, Faculty of Medicine
  3. 3Pediatric ICU
  4. 4Pediatric Infectious Disease, Ankara University, Ankara
  5. 5Pediatric Infectious Disease, Ankara University, Adana
  6. 6Microbiology Laboratory, Ankara University, Ankara, Turkey


Background and Aim The aim of this study, the frequency of catheter associated blood stream infection (CA-BSI) and its effect to mortality and length stay (LOS) of hospital.

Methods This study was conducted between November 1, 2010 and February 29 2012, and it is prospective and observational.

Results During study period, 275 patients admitted to PICU. Fifty-six percent of all patients were girl and their mean age were 87±87.4 months. There was CVC in 107(38.9%) patients. Also, there were CVC at vena jugularis interna (VJI) in 48.9%, femoral in 46.7% and subclavian in 4.3% of patients with CVC. There were 23 times CA-BSI in 16 (14.8%) patients. Totaly CVC use day was 1589 days and CA-BSI was 14 attack/1000 days within study period. The agents of CA-BSI were A. Baumannii (26%), MR-Coagulase Neagative Staphylococcus (21.7%), ESBL (+) Kl. Pneumonia (21.7%), VRE (8.6%), P. Aeruginosa (8.6%). There were 169 patients without CVC and 4 (2.4%) of them BSI. CA-BSI weas 85% of all BSI. The LOS of PICU was 43.7±63.7 days in patients with CA-BSI and 11±11.4 days in patients without CA-BSI in patients with CVC (p=0.005). The LOS of PICU in patients without CVC; 29.7±16.1 days in BSI group and 5.1±5.7 days in without BSI group (p=0.001). During study period, 36 (13%) patients died and 5 of them were related CA-BSI.

Conclusion CVC use is severe risk factor for CA-BSI, LOS of PICU and mortality.

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