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560 Effect of Tranexamic Acid in the Management of Hemophilia
  1. BL Bajracharya
  1. Paediatrics, Kathmandu Medical College Teaching Hospital, Kathmandu, Nepal


Background and Aims Hemophilia is a rare genetic disease. Treatment of hemophilia is a great burden to the patient, family as well as to the nation.

Recombinant factor concentrates, currently available products are viral pathogen-free, although there is debate about the risk of transmission of parvovirus B19 and prion pathogens. Because of this very small risk, recombinant factor is the treatment of choice in hemophilia patients.

In developing country like Nepal the treatment is based on the blood product like Fresh frozen plasma and cryo precipitates. Recombinant therapy is very expensive and not readily available in local market.

Treatment with tranexamic acid has been tried with success in the management of minor bleedings at hemophilia care unit, Kathmandu Medical college Teaching hospital which has reduced the necessity of use of blood product and the cost of treatment.

Aim of this study is to see the effect of tranexamic acid in oral hemorrhage, to reduce the cost of treatment to avoid blood product.

Method Retrospective study.

Results Bleeding stopped in all patient with gum bleeding within few hours of treatment whereas bleeding did not stopped in any patient with tongue injury.

Conclusions Extremely useful in the control of mucous membrane bleeding. Main advantage is inexpensive and no risk of blood-borne viral infections.

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Disclosure of financial relationships There was no financial support from any manufacturer/supplier of the commercial products related to this work.

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