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551 The Importance of Proper Nutrition Children: from Conception to Puberty
  1. B Stanimirov
  1. Pediatrics, Health Centre Novi Sad, Novi Sad, Serbia


Background The proper and healthy diet has become one of the most important problems of modern man, and for proper growth and development of children’s body, it is much earlier, before and during pregnancy, a healthy respect life. Nutrition styles in pregnancy should be the quality and variety that is. to bring all the nutrients in the medium quantity. Role the importance of proper nutrition especially true in childhood, when it comes to the most intense growth and development, and health is the foundation for a lifetime. Children and adolescents go through different periods of intense growth and development: the infant period, the period of early childhood (up to 3 years), preschool age (3 to 6 years), school age (6 to 13 years) and adolescence to 19 years. Quality of food is reflected in the following and applying the principles of proper nutrition: rationality, optimality and diversity means that nutrition during the day should provide enough energy for growth, development and physical activity of children. Energy requirements vary by age, are equal to 9 years of age, and in adolescence are different in relation to sex. The most common are: cereals and cereal products (30%), milk and milk products (25%), meat, fish and eggs (20%), vegetables, fruits, fats and oils (10%) and sugar and concentrated sweets (5%).

Conclusion Proper nutrition is a habit among the most important things a child learns, with long-term effect on the health and welfare, which is good for the prevention of obesity, malnutrition and chronic diseases.

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