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513 Heerfordt´S Syndrom in an Adolescent Boy
  1. FI˙ Arıkan1,
  2. F Özkan1,
  3. P Is¸ık Ag˘ras2,
  4. T Zengin1,
  5. T Çataklı1,
  6. Y Dallar Bilge1
  1. 1Pediatrics
  2. 2Pediatric Nephrology, Ministry of Health, Ankara Training and Education Hospital, Ankara, Turkey


Introduction Heerfordt's Syndrome is characterized by bilateral uveitis, facial paralysis, fever and parotitis which is a rarely seen condition in sarcoidosis with neurological manifestations.

Case report A fifteen year old boy admitted to our pediatric emergency service with fever, vomitting and swellings on his cheeks. Bilateral conjunctivitis, bilateral preauricular swellings, maculopapular rash on his anterior and posterior body areas and uncertain neck stiffness were detected on his physical examination. The rest of the examination was considered as in normal range. His medical history revealed an upper respiratory tract infection one week ago.

Lomber puncture was performed because of patient's neck stiffness. No cell and culture growth were detected on puncture sample. During his observation, left peripheral facial paralysis was developed and bilateral uveitis was detected while his high fever was still persisting.

Whole body gallium 67 scan was performed. Focal accumulations of gallium 67 in both lacrimal glands, parotid and submandibular glands(panda sign) were seen. Because of existence of uveitis, parotitis, left peripheral facial paralysis and fever, the patient was diagnosed as Heerfordt's Syndrome. Steroid (Prednisolone) treatment was started. The regressions of facial paralysis and parotid gland size were noticed after two weeks of the steroid therapy.

Result This case report was chosen to take attention to a rare cause of parotitis.

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