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508 Regional Cardiac Networks: can they Work?
  1. NK Puppala1,
  2. R Phatak1,
  3. K Atasanov1,
  4. K Parkins2,
  5. S Ali2
  1. 1North West & North Wales Paediatric Transport Service, Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Warrington
  2. 2North West & North UK Paediatric Transport Service, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Liverpool, Wales


Background Only eleven paediatric intensive care units (PICUs) in UK have cardiac surgical services on-site. Small proportion of patients admitted to non-cardiac surgical PICUs require transport to surgical centres. North West and North Wales Paediatric Transport service (NWTS) provides PIC transport service, including ability to conference call specialists. Alder Hey Children’s hospital (AHCH) is the cardiac surgical centre and Royal Manchester Children’s hospital (RMCH) only has cardiology on site.

Methods Retrospective review suspected cardiac cases transferred in 12 months:- assessing if time critical surgical patients underwent single transfer to surgical centre- interventions by referring hospital or NWTS.

Results Total 29 patients of suspected cardiac diagnosis.

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Seven patients had time critical cardiac surgical lesions. One patient required a second immediate transfer to surgical centre. Retrospectively, this could have been predicted from clinical picture. 68% patients had dinoprostone started by referring team following advice from cardiologist or NWTS. Inotropes initiated on advice or by NWTS.

Conclusions Regional cardiac network can work effectively with improved communication particularly in acute scenario. Potential surgical cases may be predicted from clinical picture, especially if not resolving with full medical treatment.

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