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499 Exclusive Breast-Feeding and Related Factors in Infants
  1. A Azarfar1,
  2. Y Ravanshad2,
  3. Z Khamnian3
  1. 1Pediatric, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Mashhad
  2. 2Comunity Medicine
  3. 3Assistant Community Medicine, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Tabriz, Iran


Introduction Breast feeding method that provides physical, psychological and spiritual needs, in first 6 months of birth. Exclusive breast feeding up to 6 months, is a major factor in health financing in developing countries.

Method It is a cross sectional study in breastfeeding mothers came to public health centers in one year at Tabriz in this study selected 150 mother with bellow 2 years old baby with simple random sampling we used a valid questioner we used X2 test and SPSS16 software for analyze of data.

Results and findings In this study frequency of exclusive breastfeeding up to 6 months were 56/4% (49/3- 63/4: CI95%) with rate in boys 57/2% (49/9- 64/4: CI95%)and in girls were 55/7% (62/6–48/7: CI95%) and 91/6% (94/7–88/7: CI95%) were children who had breast feeding immediately after delivery, of which 41/3 percent had continued feeding up to six months. study showed a direct relationship between longitude of breast feeding and educational study before delivery and a indirect relationship with maternal age. Maternal age, maternal knowledge and advice of relevant about use of formula were meaningful factors in the multiple regression model Most of the mothers (85.4%) were in middle socio-economic group. in Knowledge of mothers about breast feeding, 42.5% had good knowledge, 56.5% had average knowledge.

Conclusion Raise awareness of breast-feeding mothers than exclusively breastfeeding, were the important health priorities in the health of children.

feeding, breastfeeding, attitudes, mothers, infants

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