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498 Awareness, Practices and Benefits of Breast Feeding in Isra University Hospital, Pakistan
  1. A Baig
  1. Community Medicine, Isra University Pakistan, Hyderabad, Pakistan


Background Several studies regarding Breastfeeding have been done in Pakistan and around the world. We have also done such a study in Isra University Hospital. Breast feeding is perfectly suited to nourish infants. It is truly said that what is good for babies is good for mother.

Our objectives were to determine knowledge about optimum breast feeding practices, benefits of breast feeding and pre-lacteal feeds, to evaluate the awareness of breast feeding through demographic parameters and to determine the causes of failure of breast feeding among mothers.

Methodology Questionnaire based hospital survey was conducted among 150 mothers, based on objectives which depended on certain variables: demographic variables like age, education, socio economic status, occupation, address. It also had questions about duration of marriage, number of kids. Study design was Cross Sectional Study and was done using SPSS.

Results Breast feeding was initiated by 89.33% (134) of mothers. 10.67% (16) of mothers, who failed to breastfeed their babies, had mainly the reason of milk not being produced (50%). Later we specifically asked the breastfeeding mothers certain questions. It was revealed that they were breast feeding their babies because breast milk is the best/balanced diet. 84% recommended breastfeeding for today’s mothers.

Conclusion According to our study Illiterate females and house wives were breast feeding more. Economically deprived mothers tended to breastfeed their babies for longer period as compared to economically well-off or educated mothers. We came to the conclusion that awareness programs regarding correct breastfeeding practices be conducted.

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