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492 Atopic Dermatitis Associated with Obstructive Bronchitis in early Childhood
  1. I Timovski1,
  2. V Angelovska1,
  3. M Timovska2
  1. 1PHI
  2. 2PRD, Skopje, FYR Macedonia


Introduction Atopic dermatitis and obstructive bronchitis are very often in our doctor’s office and these diseases require strong commitments, frequent examinations and allergy tests.

Objective Association of atopic dermatitis and obstructive bronchitis in children at age of 0–3 years.

Material and Methods We processed the data for 476 children treated during the period of 3 years. We used the data from childrens medical records, laboratory tests and reports of pulmo-allergology examinations. For processing the data we used analytic and descriptive method.

Results We processed the data for 476 children at age of 0–3 years for the period from 2009–2011. We found atopic dermatitis in 141 children (29.6%), atopic dermatitis associated with obstructive bronchitis in 63 children (44.6%). Family anamnesis was positive in 86 children (60.9%). The results from laboratory tests showed that the total IgE had increased in 54 children (67 children were tested), Eosinophiles were increased in all of them and we found positive specific IgE in 23 children (42 children were tested). We put 35 children on antihistaminic prevention. We used bronchodilatators in the treatment of acute attacks. All of the children who have increased IgE and positive specific IgE are examined regulary, not only from the family physicians, but also from pediatric pulmonologists. So, the percentage of hospitalized children is about 1.5%.

Conclusion Early diagnosis and laboratory detection of atopic dermatitis and obstructive bronchial diseases as well, are of great importance for normal growth and development of children.

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