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487 The Influence of Inhaled Corticotherapy on the Growth and Development in Asthmatic Children
  1. C Mohor,
  2. MB Neamtu,
  3. ML Neamtu
  1. Pediatric Clinic Hospital Sibiu, Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, Sibiu, Romania


Background Inhaled corticotherapy is the main anti-inflammatory controller type therapy in asthmatic children. Impaired growth as a result of long-term corticotherapy remains a disputed issue of topical interest for both endocrinologists, pneumologists and pediatricians.

Objective The study evaluates the influence of long term small dose inhaled corticotherapy on growth and somatic development in asthmatic children.

Methods Observational analytical study on 2 samples of subjects. The study group: 100 asthmatic children with small dose inhaled corticotherapy (beclomethasone dipropionate Becotide 200–400 µg/day or fluticasone propionate Flixotide 100–300 µg/day), for 24 months therapy. The control group: 100 healthy children. Both groups were divided in 5 homogeneous age subgroups, between 5–19 years of age. For both groups the relevant anthropometric landmarks for assessing growth were measured in dynamics at every 6 months, in a 2 years follow-up: body height, shank and plant length growth; thorax, skull, hip, shank and arm circumference growth. The statistical SPSS software was utilized and the index t-test was calculated (p>0.84).

Results Comparative evaluation of anthropometric indices after 1 year, respectively 2 years of medication in all age subgroups revealed a minimum reducing of the growth rate in the study group without statistical significance.

Conclusions Inhaled corticotherapy in small doses in a long term therapy (2 years) doesn’t significantly affect growth and somatic development in asthmatic children.

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