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462 Class Iii Gynecomastia in Pediatric Age: a New Modified Surgical Treatment
  1. N Zampieri1,
  2. R Castellani2,
  3. S Modena3,
  4. F Camoglio4
  1. 1Department of Anesthetic and Surgical Science, Pediatric Surgical Unit, University of Verona, Policlincio G.B. Rossi
  2. 2Department of Surgery, ‘Casa di Cura San Francesco’ Hospital
  3. 3Casa di Cura San Francesco
  4. 4Department of Surgical Sciences, Pediatric Surgical Unit, University of Verona, Policlincio G.B. Rossi, Verona, Italy


Background Prepubertal ginecomastia is an extremely rare condition usually requiring surgical treatment, especially in case of class III gynecomastia. This study presents cases treated with a new surgical treatment.

Methods Five patients were treated at the Authors’ Unit for class III gynecomastia between January 2010 and December 2011 using a modified technique of periareolar incision. Aesthetic results and possible complications of this technique were then observed.

Results Al patients were properly treated without the need of further surgery for skin resection. One patient developed stroma, treated with suction; one patient showed hematoma, treated with hot packs for 3 weeks. All patients and their parents were satisfied of the aesthetic results obtained. All patients resumed sport activities 4 weeks after surgery. It was not possible to observe intraoperative complications.

Conclusion The technique used meets safety and efficacy standards for the treatment of this type of pediatric gynecomastia. It also offers the best possible aesthetic results with minimum complications which can be treated without the need of further surgery.

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