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450 What do Children with Congenital Heart Diseases do when they Grow Up
  1. SC Antoniadis,
  2. A Antoniadou,
  3. O Panagiotopoulos,
  4. E Milopteri,
  5. P Kleanthous,
  6. E Dionyssopoulou
  1. Diagnostic Center for Pediatric Cardiology, Athínai, Greece


Background Advances in the diagnosis and interventional-surgical management of congenital heart diseases had as a result a considerable number of patients reaching the adolescent and young adult life.

Aims The aim of this study was to investigate the influence of the heart problem on the psychosocial-sexual and family life, careers and employment rate of patients with congenital heart disease.

Methods We studied according to a protocol with a closed questionnaire as well as the medical files of 441 children with congenital heart diseases.

Results From the 158 male patients aged 15–35 years, 98(62%) had simple heart lesions, 21(13.3%) combinations of simple heart lesions and 39(24.7%) complex heart problems, 93(59%) had surgical-interventional management. Between them 130(82.2%) had no psychosocial-sexual problems related with age, whereas 13(8.3%) with complex heart lesions had not normal social and sexual life. From the 146 female patients aged 14–32 years, 93(63.7%) had simple lesions, 25(17.12%) combinations of simple heart lesions, and 28(19.17%) complex heart problems, 56(38.3%) had surgical-interventional management. From them 136(93.15%) had no problems related with age whereas 10(6.85%) had, from the 23 pregnancies, 10(43.5%) operated mothers, 21(91.3%) babies born without problems. From the 114 patients studied for their careers and employment rate, 59(59.8%) were high school graduates, 43(37.7%) university graduates, 9(7.9%) technical school graduates, 103(90.4%) were employed, 11(9.6%) couldn’t work because of the heart problem.

Conclusions Simple heart lesions and their combinations doesn’t cause specific problems whereas complex heart diseases, especially if the result of the operation is not the expected one, cause.

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