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431 The Effect of Sportive Activity on Bone Mineral Density during Adolescence
  1. Y Sayar,
  2. FI˙ Arıkan,
  3. MA Taşar,
  4. Y Dallar Bilge
  1. Pediatrician, Ministry of Health, Ankara Training and Education Hospital, Ankara, Turkey


Aim Hormonal balance, genetic background, calcium/vitamin D metabolism, nutrition, lifestyle and physical activity are principle factors effecting bone health during puberty. The aim of the study is to evaluate the effect of regular sportive activity (SA) on bone mineral density.

Materials and methods Adolescents admitted to Department of Pediatrics with licensed regular SA (n: 55) and without regular SA (n: 56) were included in the study. Age, height, body weight, body mass index (BMI), Tanner stages, educational status of parents, mean daily calcium intake, smoking, sun exposure, total of time for watching television and playing computer and type of licensed SA were recorded. Bone mineral density (BMD) was measured with a quantitative ultrasonography device.

Results BMI was higher in group without a regular SA (p=0.024). Adolescents with regular SA had higher BMD when compared to group without a regular SA (p=0.011). Vitamin D levels were also higher in group with SA (p<0.001). Daily calcium intake did not show any significant difference between groups (p>0.05). Higher educational status of parents was significantly related with higher prevalence of SA. Vitamin intake was higher in adolescence with SA (p=0.002) and smoking was more common in adolescents without regular SA (p=0.023).

Conclusion Quantitative ultrasound can be used to evaluate the BMD in children. Physical activity during adolescence is important for bone growth and SA should be encouraged earlier. Especially, adolescents whose mothers had higher educational status took part in SA more frequently.

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