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429 The Level of Adolescent Depression Among Teens in Serbia
  1. S Tomic1,
  2. I Djuric Filipovic2,
  3. D Filipovic3,
  4. M Ilic1
  1. 1Health Centre Savski Venac
  2. 2US Medical School
  3. 3Emergency Hospital Department Pediatric, Belgrade, Serbia


Background and Aims The alarming number of young people tend to develop the typical clinical picture of depression. Aim is to determine the presence of depression among young people in Serbia on a representative sample.

Methods Socio-epidemiological surveys and the Beck Depression Inventory Assessment, completed by 2049 students of upper secondary school.

Results The feeling of loss of energy and fatigue was the most common symptom, 40.1% of young people answered yes to this question 0.34.4% of respondents have difficulty concentrating and making decisions, and 31.6% state that what is bothering them is a feeling of sadness and despondency.

The feeling of decreased self-esteem occurs to 24.5% of respondents, 22.2% of them have no more interest in usual activities. Feeling excessive guilt is confirmed by 21.7% of students, and 19.8% think in the pessimistic way about the future. Problems with appetite have 16.5%, and 15.6% have sleeping problems. 9.0% of young people often think about death or suicide.

Conclusions All these data, especially the one about thinking about suicide, tell how frequent depressive symptoms are and how much thay can be dangerous. Although depressed mood is one of the developmental characteristics of adolescence, this many young people who show a tendency to develop this disorder is certainly alarming and require additional efforts in order to counteract this trend.

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