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43 Evaluation of the Efficacy of L-Isoleucine Supplemented Food and Vitamin D in the Treatment of Acute Diarrhea in Children
  1. NH Alam,
  2. H Ashraf
  1. Centre for Nutrition and Food Security (CNFS), International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (ICDDR, B), Dhaka, Bangladesh


Introduction Antimicrobial peptides represent an important component of the innate defense of organisms and have activities against all microbes. Recently, L-isoleucine and Vitamin D have been found to induce antimicrobial peptides. Therefore, L-isoleucine and vitamin D might have therapeutic potentials in the management of infectious diarrhea.

Objectives The objectives of this study were to examine if addition of L-isoleucine and/or vitamin D to a diet reduces the stool weight and/or duration of acute diarrhea in children.

Methods This was a double blind randomized clinical trial in 107 children aged 6 to 36 months attending the ICDDRB hospital with acute diarrhea: 28 children received:

  1. L-isoleucine (2 g/d) added to milk suji;

  2. 27 received Vitamin D 1000 IU/d added to Milk suji;

  3. 26 L-isoleucine (2g/d) plus vitamin D 1000 IU/d;

  4. 26 Milk suji without L-isoleucine and vitamin D.

Other managements were similar in all groups. Stool weight(g) and duration of diarrhea were the primary outcomes.

Results There was a trend in stool weight reduction in the groups receiving L-isoleucine and the reduction was significant on day 2 (mean ± SD, L-isoleucine vs. vit D vs. L -isoleucine + vit D vs. control, 276±228 vs. 386±302 vs. 301± 181 vs. 447± 325, p=0.039) and day3 (176±157 vs. 321±273 vs. 276±169 vs. 341±292, p=0.045). The duration of diarrhea was similar in all groups.

Conclusion L-isoleucine supplemented food reduces stool weight in children with acute diarrhea.

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