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376 Evaluation of Knowledge Level on Childhood Asthma Amongst Teachers in Istanbul
  1. M Sürücü1,
  2. M Trabzon2,
  3. Ö Özdemir1
  1. 1Pediatrics, I˙stanbul Medeniyet University, Göztepe Research and Training Hospital, Kadiköy
  2. 2Pediatrics, Okmeydani Research and Training Hospital, Okmeydani, Turkey


Aim A survey including the questions about the general information about childhood asthma, symptoms, triggers, emergency medical care in attack was applied to the teachers, and their education level was determined.

Patients/methods This study was done with the participation of randomly selected 826 teachers from 22 different (20 primary+middle and 2 high) schools between November to December 2011 in Istanbul. The teachers were questioned with a survey consisting of questions about the general information on asthma, symptoms, triggers, emergency care in the asthma attack, and therapy. Likert scale was used for the evaluation of answers (Disagree, Partly Disagree, Not Sure, Partly Agree and Agree).

Results The knowledge grades of general information on asthma were calculated as one of the highest, while the grades for triggers were found to be the lowest. According to the sex, the average grade level for female teachers about asthma was fairly higher than male ones. According to the education level, there was not a remarkable difference. According to the school types, public school teachers were somewhat lower than private school teachers. Asthma experience caused a meaningful increase in teachers’ asthma knowledge level. According to the career duration between the teachers, the experienced teachers had more information about the triggers, whereas less experienced teachers were evaluated as well-informed about emergency medical care during the attack.

Conclusions The teachers having the knowledge about asthma reduce familial anxiety and school abstinence rate. This survey helps prepare a guideline for the next education programs and seminars amongst teachers.

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