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369 Evaluation of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Children
  1. H Boztepe,
  2. Z Yalaki,
  3. Y Dallar Bilge
  1. Ankara Research and Training Hospital, Ankara, Turkey


Carbon monoxide poisoning is an important health problem that may lead to deaths during winters. The purpose of this study was to patients who were diagnosed with carbon monoxide poisoning.

Methods 196 patients between 0–17 years of age, who were treated at the Ankara Education and Research Hospital Child Emergency Service for the carbon monoxide poisoning diagnosis between November 2011 and April 2012 were evaluated. Patients’ complaints, socio-demographic data, biochemical parameters were recorded.

Findings The age median of the patients was 10.0 while 51.5% were female. The most frequent complaint was: nausea, vomiting (27.6%). Carboxyhemoglobin (COHb) level average was 25.5±10.3 (5.1–61). Serum lactate median was 2.1 (0.1–11.2). Neurological findings were determined in 22.4% of the patients. Normobaric oxygen treatment was given to 75.5% of the patients, while 24.5% were given hyperbaric oxygen treatment. A positive correlation was determined between Lactate and COHb levels (P= 0.01, r= 0.228). A negative correlation was determined between Glaskow Coma Scale and COHb levels (p=0.01, r= –0.383). Patients with neurological findings had an average COHb level at 35.7% ±16, patients without neurological findings had an average COHb level at 22.5% ±7.7 (p=0.001). Blood lactate level was higher in patients with neurological findings than patients without neurological findings (p= 0.01).

Results COHb level in carbon monoxide poisoning cases is an important indicator for the existence of neurological findings. Since increase in lactate is correlated with the poisoning level and neurological findings, high lactate levels should be taken into consideration.

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