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35 A Survey of Stress Resources among Parents of Critically ill Children in PICU Ward
  1. M Soltanian1,
  2. F Nikouee2,
  3. M Edraki1,
  4. S Montaseri1
  1. 1Fatemeh College of Nursing & Midwifery, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz
  2. 2Community Medicine Department, Fasa University of Medical Science, Fasa, Iran


Introduction Pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) has long been recognized as a highly stressful place. Admission of a child to the PICU maybe one of the most stressful events for parents. Therefore this study was done to determine stressor resources of parents in PICU.

Method A descriptive cross sectional study was carried out by using data obtained through “parental stressor scale: (PSS: PICU) to examine sources of stress among parents. A convenience sample of 25 parents whose child had recently admitted to PICU were subjects for study demographic data were collected using an investigator designed questionnaire, then parental stress was measured with parental stressor scale the PSS:PICU scale is a 37 item instrument in 7 subscale that uses a likert-type scale to measure source of stress in PICU.

Findings After measurement of stress in parents with PSS result revealed that in a comparison of mean score on the 7 dimensions of the PSS: PICU parent found the “Alteration in parental role “to be the greatest source of their stress (3.74±0.61) and the second highest ranking stressor was a “Not knowing what to expect”.(3.56±0.70).

Conclusion Result suggests the need to prepare parents for role alteration when a child is admitted to PICU. They should also be encouraged to participate in the child’s care and provides comfort measures. We need to consider creating spaces that not only address family needs to remain present with their child, but also creating space for parents to partner in decision making and care planning.

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