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A re-audit of paediatric blood transfusions within a secondary care trust
  1. AMJ Hughes,
  2. R Jayatunge
  1. Paediatrics and Child Health, Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospital, NHS Trust, West Bromwich, UK


Aim Paediatric blood transfusions have a significantly greater incidence of adverse outcomes in comparison with adults. In 2005, following a baseline audit, (presented at the RCPCH Annual Conference) we designed a local proforma incorporating the British Committee for Standards in Haematology (BCSH) guidelines on paediatric blood transfusion. Following an audit of this in 2007, education on blood transfusions was implemented.

In 2010 the National Comparative Audit of the use of Red Cells in Neonates and Children made multiple new recommendations for safe paediatric blood transfusion.

This is a re-audit comparing current practice with guidelines and the recommendations of the National Comparative Audit with the aim of improving the quality of care delivered to children receiving blood transfusion.

Method A retrospective case notes audit was conducted on all general paediatric patients who received a packed red cell transfusion during a one year period (11/08/2010 to 11/08/2011). The local proforma for each transfusion was analysed.

Results There were 52 blood transfusions (15 patients) within the time period, however 41 were available for analysis. 98% utilised the Trust proforma versus 91.5% in 2007.

The salient results are represented in tabular and graphical form (table 1 and figure 1).

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Conclusions Safe transfusion practice with recording of observations on all patients was demonstrated. We have demonstrated improvement over six years, although there is still room for development in order to adhere to the National Comparative Audit recommendations and the 2004 BCSH guidelines. We have been closely monitoring transfusion practice for six years and there have been no adverse events. Having completed the audit cycle we are committed to vigilantly improving practice within this high risk area.

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