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Knowledge, attitude, and skills of health and non health professionals treating paediatric obesity in Scotland
  1. S Aboouf1,
  2. L Stewart1,
  3. JJ Rielly2,
  4. J Gillespie2
  1. 1Human Nutrition, Glasgow University, Glasgow, UK
  2. 2Children's Weight Clinic, Paediatric Overweight Clinic Service, NHS Tayside, Perth, UK


Background Childhood obesity has risen up the political agenda in the UK, nonetheless evidence indicts poor skills and confidence in engaging with obese children and their families amongst professionals.

Aim The aim of the present study was to assess the Knowledge, Attitudes and Skills (KAS) of health and non-health professionals in two geographic areas in Scotland to evaluate the changes in KSA after one day training in paediatric obesity.

Methods A semi-quantitative questionnaire was distributed among participants pre and post training. Descriptive analysis of data was undertaken to quantify the self-reported changes in KAS pre and post training.

Results 42 participants (20 health and 22 non-health) completed both pre and post KAS questionnaires. The ability to diagnose obesity increased from 67.5% pre to 94.8% post training. The knowledge of childhood obesity guidelines increased from 27.5% to 82%. Self-confidence in treatment comprehension increased from 14% to 65.7%, while awareness of treatment goals increased from 30% to 80%. Confidence in the ability to discuss obesity issue with parents increased from 53.8% to 87.5%. Skills in the use of Body Mass Index (BMI) calculations and BMI charts increased from 21.9% and 29.2% to 40%.

Conclusion This present study highlighted alarming gaps in the KAS of health and non health professional participating in the engagement of obese children and their families. KAS improved after attending a specific tailored training course. This training course could be a step forward to accomplishing a higher standard health care for obese children.

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