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Community Paediatrician's Clinic Evaluation using modified version of Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health Paediatric Carers of Children (PaedCCF) 2009 Form
  1. GS Bhusari,
  2. K Banerjee
  1. Community Paediatrics, South West Essex Community Services, Basildon, UK


Aims User experience is an important indicator about quality of services. The audit was undertaken to evaluate parents experience about community paediatric clinic appointments. The aim was to obtain feedback from parents on the quality of care provided and to use the feedback to make ongoing improvements.

Method The audit was conducted prospectively with parents of children seen by community paediatricians during a 6 week period, from 1st July till 15th Aug 2011. The questions were based on the PaedCCF form but were modified into a single - page, anonymised questionnaire with eight questions and free-text answers. At the end of each clinic consultation, the form was handed to parents. A marked box was kept for them to drop the completed form at the reception, before leaving the clinic. All the completed forms were sent to the audit department for further evaluation.

Results In total, 344 forms were completed over the 6 week period. The responses to questions were recorded (table 1). Parents of children aged 0-19 years were represented. More than 90% of responses were recorded as good, very good or excellent and none were marked as poor. The free text box was completed by 45 parents. Of them, 41 parents made complimentary comments and 4 parents expressed concerns. Concerns from two parents were related to service delivery issues. One parent was frustrated with ‘delayed diagnosis’ and another parent would have preferred an interpreter being present during the appointment.

Abstract G109(P) Table 1

Conclusion The total data collected represents about 10% of our total caseload. Parents reported high satisfaction scores about their experience at clinic appointments. Changes have been proposed to improve communication with parents, based on the responses in the ‘fair’ category. This simple, easy to use form enabled us to collect robust evidence about quality of services. Collection of patient feedback information is going to be an important component of revalidation. The individual forms have been sent to relevant clinicians, for use towards appraisals in preparation for revalidation.

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