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Advice on weaning bronchodilators
  1. M Sundaram,
  2. J Chapman,
  3. A Davenport,
  4. M Samuels
  1. Paediatrics, University Hospital of North Staffordshire, Stoke-on-Trent, UK


Background Management guidelines for acute asthma suggest that children can be discharged once stable on 3-4 hourly inhaled bronchodilators.1 No standard advice is given regarding how this should be reduced back to levels indicative of well-controlled asthma.

Aims To review the advice given to parents of children admitted with acute wheezing at ward discharge on how to wean use of bronchodilators; to assess whether this improved after introduction of a discharge leaflet giving advice on weaning according to clinical severity.

Methods Questionnaires were given to: (i) parents at the time of ward discharge, and (ii) nursing and medical staff on the wards. This was done after introduction of a discharge leaflet on weaning bronchodilators developed by the respiratory team. The results were compared an earlier survey using the same questionnaire and previously reported.2

Results Questionnaires were returned by 35 staff (75% nurses) and 25 parents after the leaflet was introduced. These were compared to the 53 staff (35% nurses) and 23 parent responses from before the leaflet was developed (tables 1 and 2).

Abstract G15(P) Table 1

Parent responses

Abstract G15(P) Table 2

Staff responses

Conclusion The introduction of a discharge leaflet with advice on weaning bronchodilator use in children after discharge with acute wheezing has improved the advice given by the staff and the parents understanding.

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