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Success of a senior trainee led MRCPCH teaching initiative
  1. S Mitra,
  2. V Venkatesh,
  3. W Kelsall
  1. Neonatal Unit, Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Cambridge, UK


Background RCPCH have set the standards for training of paediatricians. Success with MRCPCH examination is required to progress from level 1 to level 2 training. MRCPCH Part 2 examination tests a broad spectrum of generic competencies across the spectrum of subject categories in paediatrics. Concerns were expressed by trainees and paediatric tutors regarding the MRCPCH pass rates in this Deanery Enrolment for exams and attending relevant courses was noted to be expensive with limited study leave budgets. Working with the School of Paediatrics a group of higher trainees developed a sustainable MRCPCH part 2 written course which was offered free to trainees. Courses were organised and delivered by a faculty of registrars with interest in particular paediatric sub-specialities focussing on the RCPCH curriculum. The course would help core trainees to successfully complete their examinations and improve the teaching/management experience for the senior registrars. Our aims were to assess the impact of the course on MRCPCH Part 2 pass rates.

Methods Five weekend courses have taken place during 2009 - 2011. Participating trainees provided structured feedback after each course. MRCPCH part 2 written pass rates have been reviewed over this period.

Results 12 paediatric registrars have delivered teaching sessions attended by 75 trainees. The exam pass rate has improved from 30% to 36% among all trainees in this deanery. The success rate amongst trainees who have attended the weekend courses was much higher, with 45 (60%) passing. Trainee feedback was excellent and very encouraging. 87% of trainees found the course very useful and 92% (11/12) of faculty received a very positive feedback on their individual sessions. To ensure sustainability, funding has been secured from Deanery innovative training funds to meet faculty expenses, catering and administrative costs.

Conclusion This senior trainee led teaching programme has improved the success rate in MRCPCH part 2 of core trainees who attended these sessions. Such courses should be made available to all trainees. The faculty have benefitted by improving their teaching, leadership and management skills.

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