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Local echocardiography service ‘do we match up?’
  1. KF Lim,
  2. NB Soni
  1. Neonatal Unit, Lancashire Women and Newborn Centre, Burnley, UK


Introduction The consultant neonatologists in our trust had been providing local echocardiography service since early 2008. Aim of this audit was to see if this service screened and filtered patients with innocent murmurs to decrease workload of cardiologist and secondly to look at safety of this service as part of clinical governance.

Methods All neonatal and paediatric outpatient echocardiograms performed by 3 neonatologists from 2008 to 2011 were included.

Results Concordance was noted on 24 out of 27 (89%) paired echocardiograms by Neonatologists and cardiologists (*includes two patients referred for second opinion). None of the 84 patients discharged by neonatologists after normal echocardiograms presented with cardiac abnormalities so far to children's ward, accident and emergency or to the outpatient clinics of paediatric cardiologists. To benchmark results of our service, we've done literature reviews and found similar work in other regions in the UK.

Conclusion Neonatologists screened and filtered approximately 75% of patients referred to them who had normal echocardiograms and discharged from their clinic and thereby reducing workload of paediatric ardiologists. The service so far has been safe and has not missed any major cardiac conditions. The concordance rate of this service is comparable with the other regions of the UK.

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