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  1. S Thorstensson1,
  2. E Nissen2,
  3. A Ekström3
  1. 1School of Life Sciences, University of Skövde, Skövde, Sweden
  2. 2Department of Woman and Child Health, Division of Reproductive and Perinatal Health Care, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden
  3. 3School of Life Sciences, University of Skövde, Skövde, Sweden


Objective Process-oriented training has shown a positive impact on perceived support and maternal feelings for her infant. In the present study we investigate if mothers (IG), attended by specially trained midwives and nurses perceive better professional support and stronger maternal feelings for their infant after a Caesarean section or a normal birth when compared with mothers who have received routine care (CG).

Methods In a previous study an intervention including a process-oriented programme on parental support and breastfeeding counselling for health professionals was carried out. Ten municipalities were classified in pairs and then they were pairwise randomised. The present study is a follow-up study. The original study was undertaken between April 2000 and January 2003. The mothers responded to three questionnaires at 3 days and 3 and 9 months after birth. The perception of professional support and mother–infant relationship and feelings for the baby was rated on Likert scales.

Preliminary Results and Conclusions In both groups mothers having had a Caesarean section perceived less strong feelings for and relation to their infants. At 9 months after birth there is no difference within the groups but then the IG mothers report stronger feelings for and relation to their infant compared with CG mothers. Mothers having had a Caesarean section will need more time to feel strong for and relate to their baby than mothers having had a normal birth. Improved professional support in the caring process may buffer the strain of Caesarean section in this respect.

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