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  1. A M Martinez1,
  2. D D’Artois1,
  3. J E Rennick1
  1. 1Nursing, The Montreal Children’s Hospital of the McGill University Health Centre School of Nursing, Montreal, Quebec, Canada


This abstract appeared in the Journal of Family Nursing Volume 13 Number 2 May 2007.

A quasi-experimental, pre-test post-test study was conducted to explore nurses’ perceptions of the impact of “The 15-minute family interview” on the paediatric hospital admission process. The intervention consisted of two in-depth teaching sessions and hands-on coaching in the use of the 15-minute family interview. Each of the six nurses was interviewed twice using a semistructured questionnaire: once before receiving the intervention and once after they had completed six family interviews. In addition, nurses kept field notes on their impressions of the family interviewing process. A thematic analysis of the data was conducted. Findings revealed that the nurses perceived the genogram, the therapeutic questions and the commendations as having a positive impact on their ability to conduct family assessment and family interventions. Overall, nurses felt the 15-minute family interview should be routinely incorporated into practice at the time of a child’s hospital admission.

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